Two Giants in Soil Fertility

In recent weeks, I’ve had the chance to talk with one of the leaders in the field of soil fertility, and to mourn the passing of another. I’m reminded again of how important it is to stay in touch, exchange ideas, develop new theories and share everything that’s happening in the world, even while we isolate ourselves physically.

World Wide Agriculture Conference

I’ve just returned from the WWA Conference held in Columbia, Missouri. This year, the conference honored Dr. William A. Albrecht and his contributions to soil science, agricultural research, and education

Broomsedge In The Pasture

Nip It In The Bud And Nip It Before It Buds Bromesedge, or Broomsedge as it is often called, is a member of the grass family. Its vegetative portion grows close to the ground producing light green, curly… Read more